When it comes to quick, efficient and effective IT support PC Assistance has you covered.  Wherever you are in the Wellington region I come to you to resolve any Computing issues that may arise. Personal, professional service provided by a highly skilled support technician will have you up and running again in no time. Please see a list of services provided below.

PC Assistance Wellington
PC Assistance Wellington

Upgrading your computers
Computers more than five years old? Time for an upgrade? Talk to me about options that can increase your productivity and allow you to take advantage of new technology.

Getting your system to run faster
System cluttered unnecessarily? Old annoyances getting to you? I can tidy up the clutter, remove what’s not necessary, and look at technology upgrades that can cost effectively increase the speed of your system.

Internet and email help
Having troubles with your email or internet connection? Tired of waiting on the phone for help? I am happy to take care of these issues – time spent in the industry enables me to tackle them as fast and as accurately as possible.

Virus and Spyware Removal
One of the first pieces of software that should go onto a machine is an Internet Security package, though even with this computers can inadvertently be infected. Let me take this risk off your hands. I can back up your data, remove the infection and rebuild your system to its fully operational state in the minimum amount of time.

Computer networks
Every office relies on a network – but networks do go down, printers and scanners disappear and mapped drives relieve themselves of their duty. Let me take care of your networking issues for you; I can have your system back up and running in no time.

Broadband Connections
Broadband issues? Low bandwidth? Losing connectivity? Getting hit with excess data charges? Let me take care of it for you. I can act on your behalf and take the struggle out of staying connected.

Wireless setup
Wireless setup can be tricky, sometimes there are just a couple of tweaks that need to be made to fire things up. I can get your wireless functional and your wireless security bullet proof keeping your network protected from any malice and your PCs and peripherals connected.

Repair and maintenance
Computer not responding? Error messages flooding the gates? Computer powers up but just won’t go? I have the tools available to undertake onsite analysis and repair in the safety of your own premises.

Backup and recovery
Do you have a bullet proof backup system? If not, let me help. Onsite backup, and online backup are a couple of options you might want to look into. I can set you up to back up to an external hard drive. I can also provide cloud backup services giving you total backup security and peace of mind.

Remote Support
To save you time and money I can offer a Remote Support service. Whenever you have an issue simply make a call to PC Assistance and I can remote in with your permission and take care of whatever it is that’s troubling you.

Advice on new purchases
Is it time to look at new options? Call me for a free consultation, in good old fashioned English but with the greatest attention to your requirements – I can lead you in the right direction. I can supply hardware, software, laptops, notebooks, desktops and of course custom built machines.

Custom Built Machines
If you’re looking at buying a new PC, but unsure where to start, consider giving me a call. I can take into account every aspect of your requirements with respect to performance, specifications, requirements and budget. Equipped with this knowledge I will endeavour to build the perfect PC for you. I have an excellent track record of supplying computers to meet the requirements of my customers.

Online Backup
Online backup is a service offered by me. I can have your data uploaded daily to cloud storage that is mirrored over multiple servers and encrypted with highly complex algorithms. This is a very safe and secure method of making sure you never lose your data.

Call me on 0800 72 73 88 to for your computer issues. I will get you up & running again with minimal disruption to your business
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